Different aspects will always make you amaze while watching the moment. Obviously this is actually a matter of wonder. Human male pregnancy has been in the news from several years, that it is theoretically possible to implant an embryo in a man’s abdominal cavity and can be delivered by caesarian section. However, there is not any such case till date due to the high risks of male pregnancy and the dangers following the delivery. In addition,in the footage you guys if you take a look you will see that this man has become pregnant for the first time. Moreover,gender reassignment surgery has been around for decades, but what’s drawn international interest that he is five months pregnant. The inescapable biological fact is that men cannot become pregnant. A few males in the animal kingdom do in a sense become pregnant.This is not the first time that a man has claimed to have been pregnant. The possibility of a man’s becoming pregnant has been the subject of more than a few works of speculative fiction and comedy, and the topic was given some sober consideration in the media. Anyway,guys think you will like this footage.please share this footage on your Facebook,twitter as well as among your friends,families.