Pregnancy puts your body through the most incredible changes. Here is what is going on and how to help your body do its job. Your baby grows from the size of a pinhead in just 40 weeks. Your body\’s built to cope, but it helps to understand the changes it goes through.

Giving birth in bathtub one videos brave women give birth in a bathtub at home. Beautiful experience. As she awaits for her husband and the midwife she goes. As she awaits for her husband and the midwife she goes through contractions and gives birth in the tub. In addition, i think a home birth is better for women. Only if it will be dangerous the hospital will be better. But this was very amazing birth. Good job from mother and midwife. Moreover,if you feel strongly that you want to avoid using pain relieving drugs and medical intervention during your labor,it is worth considering a water birth.

The relaxing effects of warm water can help ease pain and water also supports your body, making it much easier to move about freely. Many women labor in a birthing pool but get out just before the delivery; others give birth in the water. It relieves pain women who labor in water are far less likely to use medical pain relief in one study, only 24% of first time mothers who had water births needed pain relieving drugs compared to 50% of those who didn’t use water.

However,most research indicates that water birth is just as safe as giving birth on dry land for healthy women with straightforward low risk pregnancies and many experts believe that being born into warm water eases your baby’s transition to the outside world.