We have generally heard concerning taller human beings who were existed long before. At present the archeologists sometimes find the samples and remnants of the humans who were comparatively tall. These remnants are the very proof of their fiery existence. Here in this patent footage we could observe that the giant  library of Prague castle which is the proof of gigantic human race.
From the very beginning of the world human beings have been pasturing at each nook and corner. In the primal age the lives of humans were so hardship and they passed their live encountering a lot of difficulties. The book they found is so big and so coarse. this gigantic book contains numerous of mystery in respect of the existence of the gigantic human race. You could see in this footage that the book what they discovered is well covered.

With the passing of age the investigators found a lot of things those on the part of us it becomes more difficult to believe whether these existed or not in this world. But in most cases, there are some proof which drive us hard to believe in them. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family,  Facebook and twitter.