senility is such a period of time when people turn so feeble and all their physical mobility become as slow as a snail pace. in this age only the solitude is concomitant. nobody cares you as much as they do in your youth. in a word in old age people lose all kind of ability. here in this raw footage we could see that this graybeard played a guitar as if a young man had played the guitar.
it might not be a matter of being regret in your old age in case you have moral courage to a great extent. when people get old then there is no distinction between a baby and them. the bearings of old men at one go turn like children. you could see in this footage that the old man played a guitar better than any young expert one. you can hardly believe that a graybeard like him are able to play the guitar so amazingly. 

the tune he created in the guitar is not possible for majority of the guitarist overall. it is perceived from his playing guitar that he is a veteran player that he used to play guitar in his young. though he got old but he did not forget the training that he learned. this playing is actually worth of being praised. thus, guys if you like this footage then you can are this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.