We typically know that elephants are the biggest animals in the terrestrial world. Every part of their bodies are huge. Their ears are very large and because of these they can not see to their backside. Here in this raw footage we could see that a baby buffalo save s its mother from a scary elephant.

Buffalo are generally herbivorous and very quiet and courtly animals. They have a pair of horns just over their heads. You could see in this footage that an giant elephant attacks on a mama buffalo. On noticing that the baby buffalo which were beside rushes towards the elephant and drives away. The baby buffalo force the elephant to take a hasty retreat.  

From this footage you might grow a explicit idea in respect to animals that they have affection and love for their own kind as well. This footage is really so amazing that the minuscule baby buffalo save its mother from the terrible giant elephant. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.