At times some works of people lead you to laugh your head off. Few people do funny works intentionally and some people are the victims of situation. Whatever it is they commit such function that leave you at the utmost verge of laughter. Here in this raw footage we could see that baby monitor captures hilarious footage while grandma puts baby in the crib.

A camera is set in the room where the baby’s crib is at the convenient to keep an vigilant eye on the baby by its parents. You could see in this footage that the bay the little baby fast asleep in grandma arms. Then she decides to put the baby inside the crib and as per her thought she goes near the crib.

Grandmother is trying to put the baby inside the crib in order. The baby is still sleeping. But the matter of laughter that when she put s the bay in the right position then she falls into the crib along with baby. This is really so ridiculous and also worth laughing. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you cab share this footage among your frinds, family, Facebook and twitter.