Cats are perceived to be the born of tigers and because of that cats most of the time pluck up the courage to encounter with their enemies that we sometimes are able to see at variance of time. Here in this raw footage we could see that fearless feline who prowls up to a caged lion and make face at the lion.

Cats are very peaceful animals of the kind and they are found wandering around each house all over the world. Their are various kind born of cats those are watched in all the countries. But in few countries there is found the same kind born of cats. You could see in this footage that the guy lowers himself and releases the cat in front of the lions’ cage to see the result what may happen when the feline will go closer to the cage.

When the cat reached in front of the lion’s cage then the cat surprisingly rials the lion and the lion beat a retreat for fear of. The lion becomes so frantic and amazed thinking this that how this little creature have front to rail her. Thus,guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your frinds, family, Facebook and twitter.