people arrange of various kind of fun giving instruments those provide a lot of fun. fun needs in everybody’s life when life are depressed and become monotonous. there is no body who does not want to have fun. here in this raw footage we could see that they thought it was funny when they were stuck on the waterslide and end up pushed severely.

They had gone down the slide together and gotten stuck in the middle – apparently after losing their momentum. They awkwardly try to slide on their bums to get themselves going again. But as they look back and see an adult woman torpedoing toward them, their faces become noticeably worried. As the girls check out the approaching woman, the camera pans out to show the human torpedo coming toward them. She is careening down the slide without any concern for the young girls in front of her.

they’re having fun trying to pry themselves free – until they look behind them as see a woman torpedoing down the tube. The girls scream but it is too late. She slams into the two girls and dislodges them from the slide. The girls go flying. thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.