If some one losses his/her body organ, god gives him/her the another power of solve it. You may have observed the wonderful thing that if anyone become blind, he can do such thing that may amaze you.
It is about impossible to make sketches or drawing a picture or image on the canvas. In this video the blind man is trying to sketches but it is the fact that he is smiling about the theme of the drawing. Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth. It is a matter of regret. He decided to put the question to rest by attempting to draw sketches of a few common things. Man can imagine any thing that he/she can see from surrounding. He got the experience from the touching the thing. Life has come to him as three dimensional. the concept of drawing. But when he drawing it becomes two dimensional.
As he is blind when he is drawing on the paper, he can not connect the line from other. it is an obstacle for his drawing. First he draw a image of a cat, he attempted but it was fascinating results that occur when Edison takes the marker to the paper. Actually he had a great sense of humor that is rare who is blind from his birth.
Lastly, Edison tried to draw a self portrait. It was not clear but it was amazing. All of his attempts were commendable.
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