The invention of drone causes a revolution in the world and this drone is used in very important, risky and secret purposes. Drone is mostly used to snap most emergent or secret photos from very recesses and remote areas of the world. Here in this perspicuous footage we could see that the world’s first human parachute jumps from a drone.


You could see in this footage that the guy is being got ready to fly. A drone company in Latvia has executed what it calls the “the world’s first drone jump.”Aerones’s 28-propeller drone hoisted a man over a 1,000 feet in the air after which he let go of the drone and coasted a bit before deploying a parachute to set him down safely back on earth. this isn’t exactly edge of your seat stunt work, especially since another guy used a balloon to do the same thing from 18 miles above the planet.

It’s easy to see how this kind of drone-assisted sky diving could be used for stealthy military and spy missions in the future. Or maybe it’ll become the latest extreme sports craze that’s only slightly more dangerous than parkour and subway car surfing. Thus, guys if you like this footage then you can share this footage among your friends, family, Facebook and twitter.